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Case Study 7

Cadbury Easter Eggs

Easter 2018 was a great time for a brand like Cadbury to shine and a great opportunity for them to showcase their range of Easter eggs and chocolate gifts, an opportunity to reinforce their ties with their clientele, to reaffirm their place in the market  and to connect with new clients and their families values

In this particular case, Cadbury connected with the “Peter the rabbit” franchise, in connection with their new movie Easter release.


The Cadbury 2018 was a fun-filled , family oriented activation that took place outdoor and in conjunction with Morrison’s. I was asked by N2o to manage a team of 3, engage with families and invite kids and parents to play at our Easter treasure hunt game for a chance to win a nice Cadbury Easter egg.


 I had a fairly complicate display stand in my van that required a separate team of riggers; It consisted of 3x branded canopies and a few wooden cupboard and units. On the floor there were a series of faux carrots and cabbages (think “Peter the Rabbit” favorite food), under which the kids could search and (in some cases find) a winning message!­ Each kids that was taking part in the treasure hunt was subsequently rewarded with a mini Easter egg.


Cadbury, Morrisons




Event Manager

Staff Number

3 Ba’s, 1 EM


1 luton van


Bradford’s Morrisons

Date / Duration

easter Bank Holiday Weekend


Outdoor Event

The joy and surprise on the face of the kids was the most rewarding thing of this campaign


In my role as Event Manager, I was asked make all the necessary preparations for the event , welcome and train my Team, oversee the event on behalf of the client and ensure that my Team is in the best form so to promote the brand as highlighted in the client’s briefing; take action and interaction photos, relate any issues or feedback to the client or to the agency, count and merchandise stock, acquire and analyze  sales figures, fill in the reports and send the images.


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