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Case Study 6

SPAR 60' B'day

The SPAR 2017 was a huge corporate event to mark the 60th anniversary of the supermarket giant SPAR; it was a magnificently arranged VIP event for which the whole of the Manchester Central Convention Complex was hired and transformed into a banqueting venue complete with fairy park rides and amusement park.

All their clients and suppliers CEO’s and families gathered to celebrate the achievement, which featured lunch and dinner, speeches and presentations, family activities and free food samples.


SPAR, Thorntons




Event Manager

Staff Number

2 Ba’s, 1 EM


1 luton van


Manchester Convention Complex

Date / Duration

1 Day


Special Guests Event

I was representing one of their client that was present at the Event, the Thorntons chocolates .

As part of my role as Event Manager, I had to arrive well in advance to set up the choreography of my display and receive/store the stock, welcome and train my BA’s, oversee the event on behalf of the client and ensure that my Team is in the best form so to promote the brand as highlighted in the client’s briefing; take action and interaction photos, count and merchandise stock, fill in the reports and send the images

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