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Case Study 5


The Jacob’s 2017 was an activation that took place in a prominent position in several UK Tesco’s stores foyers; it was for Jacob’s to introduce to their customers the newly designed “Jacob’s biscuits for cheese box 900g”.


My Team greeted the customers as they come into store and offered them a sample of each biscuit type within the cheese selection box, gave them the chance to customize their experience by adding a cheese or fruit  topping of their choice, and educated them in regards to the newly improved recipe.


I had a fairly complicate display stand in my van consisting of a wooden cupboard and few wooden panels to build and intersect to form a German xmas markets hut, complete with roof, windows and xmas decorations; adjacent to them, I placed a small pallet of Jacob’s biscuits boxes, to facilitate sales. Customers were enticed to make purchase of the new range of Jacob’s crackers at the in-store reduced price.


Jacob’s, Tesco




Event Manager

Staff Number

2 Ba’s, 1 EM


1 luton van


Oxfordshire + Gloustershire

Date / Duration

2 months


Instore Event


My role as EM comprised of:

Picking up the luton van, collect the kit and the stock, attend the “how to assemble it” briefing at the unit manufacturer’s facilities; Lease with the site manager in regards to where to position and how to conduct my promotion; Welcome and train my BA’s, oversee the event on behalf of the client and ensure that my Team is in the best form so to promote the brand as highlighted in the client’s briefing; take action and interaction photos, relate any issues or feedback to the client or to the agency, count and merchandise stock, acquire and analyze  sales figures, fill in the reports and send the images once at the hotel.

At the end of the day, I then de-rig the units, pack them safely and transport them overnight by van to the next location.


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