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Case Study 3

Winning weekends 2017

Throughout 2017, I was commissioned with managing a campaign for N2o LTD on behalf of Nestle and Sky movies.

Winning weekend 2017 was a promotion taking place at Tesco stores in several UK counties to celebrate the perfect movie-night partnership between  Nestlé sharing bags and Sky Movies; in this particular instance, I was visiting a portfolio of Tesco’s stores based between Kent; surrey and Essex.

The display set up was very straightforward and fit easily in my long wheel base van; it consisted of  2 pull up banners, a pop up desk and two pallets merchandised with Nestle stock.

The promotion was engineered so that the customers were greeted as they came into their store and handled a scratch card that reveal if they were one of the 50 instant winners in store that day; when that was the case, I would award them personally with their free gift. In each store, the prizes ranged from a £5 Tesco voucher to a £50 Tesco voucher to a plasma TV – you can imagine the look on their faces when they discovered they won a plasma TV!!


Sky, Nestle’, Tesco




Event Manager

Staff Number

3 Ba’s, 1 EM


1 longbase van


Kent, Essex, Cambridgeshire

Date / Duration

2 months


Instore Event

 Customers were also offered a free sample of their favorite chocolate flavor and encouraged to collect the tokens inside each sharing bag, so to automatically win a Sky movie; the vast majority of the customers made purchase of the items there and then, leading to a quick sold out in several instances. 

In my role as Event Manager, I also had to drive the van with the kit overnight to the location, set up the stands early the same morning, lease with the site manager in regards to where to position and how to conduct my promotion, train my team, oversee the event on behalf of the client and ensure that my Team is in the best form so to promote the brand as highlighted in the client’s briefing; I manage the stock and the cash flow, report to the client and the Campaign Manager throughout the day in regards to the event progresses and take interaction photos to be use as supporting documents to my end of the day reports.

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