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Case Study 10

Alfresco AEM

The Tesco Alfresco 2018 was a continuation of promotion that I have been working on behalf of n2o the year before.

The Tesco Alfresco 2018 was a promotional partnership between Tesco Extra and some 30+ brands (Bombay Sapphire, John West, Jack Daniels, San Pellegrino, etc) and was one of the biggest and most intricate campaigns of that summer.

It was intended for Tesco to showcase to their customers the whole range of products for their perfect summer party (ranging from drinks to burgers to chair and hammocks)  and reassure them they could find under the same roof a comprehensive solution for all their summer needs.






Assisant Event Manager

Staff Number

30 Ba’s, 1 EM, 1 AEM, 7 riggers


5 luton vans



Date / Duration

1 months


Outdoor Event


Tesco committed a portion of their car park to be transformed in a lively barbeque party, that would have been noticed as their customers were approaching the store entrance. There, they were greeted and welcomed to their store, invited to join the free barbeque, try a different range of burgers and sausages and take a samples of their favorite refreshing drinks. No doubt they experienced a tremendously well crafted Summer party atmosphere and had the chance to try or be educated about some of the culinary delicacies as well as about the perfect gifts available in the store


The event set up comprised of 3x huge canopies, 6 heavy cupboards, all the barbeque equipment, chairs and fences, 4vans, 5 riggers, 20+ Ba’s and all what can come with it; alongside it, we also had a set of 2 promotional units placed tactically inside the store to greet, entertain and entice Tesco customers to purchase those key brands. The “Tesco Alfresco 2018” event spanned over 4 months and took place on a different Tesco location every day, it had to built overnight in Tesco’s store car park area and be transported each night to a different location.

As part of my role as Assistant Event Manager, I had to drive the van overnight to the location (with a portion of the that the riggers team couldn’t fit in their vans), set up a portion of the stands the same morning, lease with the site manager in regards to where to position and how to conduct my promotion, assist the Event Manager in splitting the task with him, keep a record of the food temperature and ensure that the samples and my staff behaviors around food falls within the safe standards set by the food industry.   


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