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Case Study 1

ASDA big spin

Asda initiated a program to engage with their customers in an entertaining way, promote healthy living by encouraging and coaching them to cook meals at home, and to reward them for being their loyal customers!

The promotional set up consisted  of a huge spinning wheel device, a pop up table and ballot-box-type letter box; all placed at the entrance of the store, for maximum exposure.

The customers were greeted as they came in and they were offered a chance to spin the wheel; the  wheel was dsigned so to have 1 in 2 chances to win an immediate prize, and 1 in 2 chances to enter a free bigger prize draw; most of the immediate prizes were contribuitions toward a particular healthy-life style oriented  receipe. Every customer was also handled a receipe card and some marketing collateral / coupons / freebies.






Event Manager

Staff Number

2 Ba’s, 1 riggers, and 1 EM


1 longbase van


Leigh Asda

Date / Duration

1 Weekend


Special Event

As part of my role as Event Manager, I had to set up the stands early the same morning, lease with the site manager in regards to where to position and how to conduct my promotion, train my team, oversee the event on behalf of the client and ensure that my Team is in the best form so to promote the brand as highlighted in the client’s briefing; Check the stock level and merchandise it throughout the day, obtain and analyze the sales data, report to the client and the Campaign Manager throughout the day in regards to the event progresses and take interaction photos to be use as supporting documents to my end of the day reports.

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