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I am an enthusiastic, outgoing individual, who thrives from the responsibilities and challenges that an event management position offers, and enjoys the brief but intense connections made with customers and colleagues in the promo-world.

…enjoyable events, which meet their targets!

I have invested the past 20 years of my career in the promotional and experiential field, during which I had the pleasure of working with many brands, managing teams of sizes ranging from 3 to 20 people, on a variety of settings including road shows, VIP events, conferences, music and food festivals. Witnessing the shifting priorities and approaches from client to client was instrumental in  widening my understanding of how all the key elements play their part to come harmoniously together, and helped me to appreciate the need for a strong adherence to the client’s brief. It is because of this holistic vision that I have developed the ferocious determination and perseverance that ultimately enables me to deliver enjoyable events, which meet their targets. Some of those brands I worked for:

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I place a strong emphasis on understanding the objectives that the client is trying to communicate to me through the brief and on empathizing with the client’s ethos and vision of his event, in order for me to act on his behalf with integrity and with communion of

… balanced mix of know-how, acumen and foresight that enables me to spot and manage clusters of potential issues, and to discern what chain of positive reaction to initiate in order to influence the course of the event…

thoughts. I am a vocal advocate of effective communication between team players involved at all the different stages of an event and a believer in the continuous cycle of feedback and re-evaluation, action and reaction, as a way to eventually shape the outcome of the event. Through this process of recognition and evaluation, I have developed the balanced mix of know-how, acumen and foresight that enables me to spot and manage clusters of potential issues, and to discern what chain of positive reaction to initiate in order to influence the course of the event.

Although I love to bring structure to the event through a methodological approach, I strive to find that balanced sweet spot between making it efficient and keeping it fun; I acknowledge that after all, it is the experience that Your customers will bring home with them and share amongst their friends.

I embrace that my role of event manager is to offer all those elements of support for my team so that by increasing their level of comfort, it does too exponentially increases the level of effectiveness of each of their encounters with the public; I trust that by catering for the needs of my team and by nourishing the fertile environment for them to flourish and their contagious charisma will turn each interactions with the public into a truly memorable experience. With this in mind, my approach starts with an honest estimate of my team’s many talents ( and evaluation of their limitations) with the view in  mind of maximizing their proactiveness by assigning to each of them a role that is not only best suited, but also most loved by them.

I recognize the importance of daily recording and showcasing the  highlights to the client, the benefits that the event has brought to their customers, and ultimately, to their brand; I often do that through extensive verbal and written communication, through the use of well composed and engaging videos, photos and testimonials and the approved use of social media platforms.

I place a strong emphasis on empathizing with the client’s ethos and vision of his event

As an added bonus, I really enjoy my job! I enjoy planning how to maximize the daily schedule, I enjoy  taking on the challenge to make those activities more fluid and I ultimately take enjoyment watching the event unfolding the way the client originally envisaged. I believe in being a catalyst for changes with my personal life choices, I endorse green causes and smartly optimized products whenever possible, I upheld the core values of integrity and genuinely.

To have a better visual understanding of how I work, I have composed a time-lapse  of my typical promotional activity. It comprises of most of the following:

Pick up the luton van from the van hire depot, collect the promotional kit from the office and load the sampling stock from the client’s warehouse; attend the first brief on how the promotional set up should look like, learn how to put it together and how to connect computers, interactive graphics, TV’s or screens. Shortly after will follow a meeting the client or the campaign manager to be briefed on the campaign’s objectives, product’s background, targets and data gathering techniques for the campaign evaluation purposes.

...Honesty, integrity, determination...
On the live days of the campaign, I arrive to the hotel the late afternoon of the day before and lease with the site manager in regards to where to position and how to conduct my promotion in accordance with the site’s safety rules;  the intention is to possibly set up the units that same night, or at least have everything planned and agreed for it to happen early the following morning instead. In the morning I welcome my team and brief them in regards   to the specifics of the venue, and I re iterate the key info highlighted on their brief, convey any latest feedback and developments and bring them up to speed with the way the event has evolved so far; there is usually a FAQ session where the team is invited to offer feedback, followed by a role-play scenario where we discuss the challenges and highlighting the solutions.

I am always present throughout every minute of the live activity…

I am always present throughout out every minute of the live activity, managing the event, offering support to my team, covering for their assigned breaks and for their natural breaks, monitoring the stock and collaterals/marketing material used and replenishing when it is needed, monitoring the number of units sold (if the promotion was taking place in  store) and taking action and interaction photos. I relate any issues or feedback to the client or to the agency on a daily basis, keeping them informed of the progresses and on the overall performance. At the end of the live activity day, I organize for the stands and all the equipment to be de rigged and packed safely into the van, ready to be transported onto the next venue the following day; I drive to the next location straight after, staying overnight in a nearby hotel. Once at the hotel, I compose and send the daily reports, consisting primarily of the activity data ( quantity of stock used, leftover stock, literature handled out, number of people approached, the number of people that sampled or took part into the campaign,  gauging the percentage number of male to female customers we interacted with, their age bracket, and the total number of vouchers/leaflets/literature handled out);
..I love bringing structure to an event...
there is often an anecdotal part where we could relate to your client anything of any relevance that happened the day, any suggestions or feedback made by the customers. It comes accompanied with a feedback section where I have the chance to tell the campaign manager of ways in which I think the promotion could be improved, based on the experience of the day, or where I can simply relate to him or her of anything not working as well as originally envisaged. With my reports, I attach all the images taken throughout the day…it is by then time to get some rest and get ready for the following day!

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